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bare hr Laser hair removal in mccall and meridian, Idaho

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Super Fast Laser Hair Removal Treatment with Bare HR. It’s the world’s first and only device that destroys hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin by delivering  ultra-short pulses of energy at the optimal temperature.

Works fast to reduce hair permanently with no downtime. It simultaneously delivers three wavelengths to effectively treat patients with varying hair depths and skin types.

Bare HR offers two proprietary treatment modes, Speed and Comfort. In both settings, patients experience cooling from a constant contact crystal at 5 °C for a comfortable treatment.


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Bare HR Laser Hair Removal FAQS

How does Bare HR work?

With a seamless utilization of three different wavelengths and exclusive Blend Technology with speeds up to three Hz, BARE HR delivers optimal energy for quick and thorough results. 

Who can benefit from Bare HR Laser Hair Removal?

Those with a Fitzpatrick skin level up to six achieve fast and complete hair removal. For more information, please reach out for a consultation with Vibrant Med Spa.

What parts of the body can be treated with Bare HR Laser Hair Removal?

The most comon areas of the body treated with laser hair removal are areas like the upper lip, arms, chest, back, under arms, bikini area and legs. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Bare HR addresses the well-known shortcomings of previous hair removal treatments, with significantly less pain. As an added benefit, Bare HR includes cooling from a constant contact crystal at 5 °C for a comfortable treatment.

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