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julie kunde


Julie, founder and owner of Vibrant Med Spa, is dedicated to offering the finest treatments for health optimization and skin enhancement. Her own experiences with skin and wellness challenges inspired her to aid others in feeling confident and well. Julie’s background in healthcare, including her CNA certification and medical education, laid the foundation for her venture into aesthetics. Five years ago, she transformed Unwind Mountain Spa into the successful Vibrant Med Spa, now boasting multiple certifications in aesthetics and body treatments.

Beyond work, Julie loves the outdoors, enjoying activities from lake surfing in summer to skiing in winter. She celebrates over twenty years of marriage and takes joy in her four sons’ sports and adventures. With deep expertise and passion, Julie’s goal is to improve her clients’ lives, fostering confidence and wellbeing.

Debbie Cook

Spa Director

Debbie stands at the helm of our practice as the seasoned manager, boasting an impressive 16 years of extensive office management and leadership prowess. Her journey in the realm of management is marked by a distinctive ability to orchestrate operations smoothly and address the dynamic needs of our practice with remarkable agility and foresight. Debbie is deeply committed to empowering women, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and confidence. She believes in enhancing their natural beauty, ensuring that every woman who crosses our path leaves feeling more vibrant and confident in her own skin.

Outside the office, Debbie’s life is full of family moments, creative projects, and audiobooks, which she enjoys while multitasking at home. Her vibrant energy and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable leader and mentor within our practice, inspiring both our team and the women we serve.

Lucy Lyman

Spa Coordinator

Lucy is the esteemed practice manager at Meridian, where her dedication and passion for her work shine brightly. She thrives on witnessing the transformative journey of patients as they achieve their desired results and embrace their own incredible bodies with confidence. Lucy’s commitment to excellence and her ability to foster a supportive and positive environment have made her an invaluable asset to both the team and the patients at Meridian.

Away from the bustling environment of Meridian, Lucy’s personal life is filled with warmth, creativity, and joy. The kitchen becomes her stage, where she indulges in baking and cooking, crafting delicious treats while and simultaneously dancing with her husband. Lucy also cherishes the time spent with her family, engaging in playful and competitive games that bring everyone closer together.



Skin & Body Specialist
Lashes & Brows

Sharo brings a multifaceted skill set to her role as a specialist certified in Hydrafacial, Sofwave, Emsculpt, and Emtone treatments, complemented by her proficiency as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Her journey in the field of aesthetics is backed by a solid foundation in patient care, reflecting her dedication to enhancing each client’s self-esteem and overall well-being. Sharo’s enthusiasm for her work is palpable, and she finds great joy in contributing to a vibrant, positive workplace where the happiness and comfort of clients are paramount. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to create personalized treatment plans stand out, making her a beloved figure among her clientele.

When she’s not working with clients, Sharo loves spending time with her family and can often be found cheering on her kids at sporting events. She also enjoys outdoor activities like 4-wheeling in the mountains, fishing, and playing on the lake.

Bradi Donica, RN

Registered Nurse Injector

Bradi Donica, RN, a distinguished professional in the realm of aesthetics and skincare, renowned for her proficiency in injections and fillers. As a certified laser technician and adept injector, her skill set encompasses a wide range of specialized treatments, including advanced Hydrafacial and Sofwave procedures. Bradi’s foundation in healthcare is robust, with five years of critical experience as a registered nurse in the emergency room, equipping her with a deep understanding of medical aesthetics. She embarked on her educational journey at the College of Southern Idaho, earning an Associate in Health Science and an Associate in Registered Nursing, further solidifying her expertise with a Bachelor in Nursing Science from Boise State University. This blend of medical knowledge and aesthetic artistry allows Bradi to offer a comprehensive approach to beauty and skincare, making her a trusted ally in her clients’ quests to enhance their natural beauty.

Beyond her career, Bradi’s life is an exciting blend of adventure and passion. From rodeoing to dirt biking, snowmobile riding, and hiking, her enthusiasm for life shines through diverse pursuits. This same fervor fuels her commitment to aesthetics and skincare, motivating her to assist clients in attaining their skincare aspirations.


Medical Aesthetician

Jade is a licensed aesthetician distinguished by her unwavering commitment to enhancing the beauty and confidence of her clients. Her journey into the realm of aesthetics is underpinned by a solid academic foundation, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. This educational background fuels her aspiration to merge the principles of skin science with the latest technological advancements in the field. Jade is dedicated to continuous professional development, consistently engaging in new training opportunities to ensure she delivers an unparalleled service experience. Her approach is not just about superficial beauty treatments; it’s about offering comprehensive care that aligns with the cutting-edge of aesthetic innovation.

Away from the transformative environment of the spa, Jade’s life is full of activities that keep her grounded and connected. She cherishes the moments spent with her fiancé, family, and her loyal German Shepherd, finding joy in the simplicity of shared experiences. An avid golfer, reader, and fly fisherman, Jade maintains a balanced lifestyle that combines her love for the outdoors with personal hobbies. 


Medical Aesthetician

Sandra brings a wealth of experience to Vibrant Med Spa, with a 20-year career in the medical and healthcare sector that has laid a strong foundation for her transition into the skincare and aesthetics industry. Her longstanding affection for skincare and aesthetics has driven her to continuously expand her expertise, eagerly embracing the latest technologies and services available in the field. Sandra’s approach to her work is characterized by a deep-rooted passion for assisting others, coupled with a commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service. This combination ensures that each client receives not only the most advanced and effective treatments but also a personalized and caring experience that addresses their unique needs and aspirations.

Outside of her professional life, Sandra enjoys pursuits that reflect her nurturing and service-oriented nature. She finds joy and fulfillment in activities that allow her to unwind and reconnect, whether it’s delving into a good book, exploring the beauty of nature on hikes, or spending quality time with family and friends. These personal interests and activities not only provide Sandra with a well-rounded life but also enrich her understanding and empathy towards her clients, further enhancing her ability to serve them with a genuine and thoughtful approach. Sandra’s blend of professional dedication and personal warmth makes her a valuable and cherished member of the Vibrant Med Spa team.


Master Aesthetician

Hadley Fife stands as the standard of expertise in aesthetics, deeply rooted in her Boise upbringing. A Borah High School alumna, her pursuit of beauty and wellness excellence propelled her to the Aveda Institute Provo, where she excelled and became a Master Aesthetician. Hadley’s professional journey is characterized by a relentless commitment to excellence, blending advanced techniques with an innate understanding of skincare. Renowned for her proficiency in cutting-edge treatments such as BBL and Laser Hair Removal, she ensures a transformative experience for her clients. Her approach to aesthetics transcends mere treatments; it embodies a holistic art form that celebrates and enhances natural beauty, making her services not only sought after but deeply appreciated.

Outside the realm of professional skincare, Hadley’s commitment to excellence is evident not only in her professional endeavors but also in her personal life. A fitness enthusiast, she finds her balance between the precision of aesthetic treatments and the rigor of the gym. This dedication to wellness, both inside and out, infuses her practice with a holistic approach that benefits her clients on multiple levels.


Medical Aesthetician

Mady is a Medical Aesthetician.

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